Sleep, relax, regenerate, dress, prepare.

The bedroom provides a space for tranquility, reverie and retreat from the outside world.

As the only room in the house whose design can be tailored to one or two people only, the bedroom is, to us, the greatest opportunity to design personally. We understand that the bedroom is our clients' most private space, and we approach this responsibility with high regard.

Because much of the time we spend in the bedroom is with our eyes closed, the subtleties of this space bear particular importance. We pay careful attention to the way light, sound and nature interact with space at different times of day, and how this constant play can enhance daily bedroom rituals both consciously and unconsciously. The result is a place where one can exit the outside world, and simply be.

Bedroom by Chamberlain Architects
Fraser Streetbedroom by Chamberlain Architects
Fraser street bedroom by Chamberlain Architects
North Fitzroy bedroom by Chamberlain Architects
Bedroom by Chamberlain Architects