Multi Residential case study | Verse Sunshine

Sensitively set around ten mature gum trees, Verse, Sunshine demonstrates a deep respect for this inner Melbourne garden suburb. The trees have been carefully incorporated into the design, resulting in generous and modern homes, in a beautiful garden setting. The classic form of the facade allows Verse to become an unobtrusive part of the streetscape, with the intention of creating timeless homes.

Internally, dual aspect windows maximise the natural light, whilst allowing for cross ventilation. Liveability is the focus, with thoughtful placement of courtyards and balconies, maximising views and creating places for solitude. Interior finishes are subtle, sophisticated, yet enduring, allowing the owner to add their own personality to their home.

Verse - Sunshine Townhouses
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Project Details




Just launched, Completion 2019

Location: Wilkinson Road + McCracken Street, Sunshine
Overall Site Area: 6286m
Yield: 37 Townhouses   
Developer: Paragon Development Group

Project Team

Architecture + Interior Design: Chamberlain Architects  
Renders: FKD Studio

Interior Design
Marketing & Documentation

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Chamberlain Architects La Sal Living, Chelsea