Intrigued by humble daily rituals, Chamberlain Architects create crafted residential architecture to enrich daily life. 

A fascination with light, space and material is woven through every project. Our thoughtful use of space and volume can, at its simplest, bring a sense of ease to a design, or heighten drama and excitement, as required. We explore the possibilities of light and materials to enhance that experience.

We create our residential architecture to support peoples’ daily habits. Through a dialogue that develops between ourselves and our clients, we investigate these daily habits and look for ways we can support these with our design. We use our architecture to create ease in peoples day to day lives and beyond that, are constantly seeking ways to bring moments of joy and delight to daily living.

The result - a home with it’s own distinct personality, built around our clients’ lifestyle.



We engaged Chamberlain Architects to design our new home. Our brief was extensive, with much emphasis on a commercial kitchen and solid concrete.
Glen, Ella and their team created not only a home but a piece of art that reflects their personal attention to detail, professionalism and the ability to be dedicated to the project from start to finish .
Choosing Glen and his team was the most rewarding decision we made and it has without a doubt paid off, we have an amazing home that we absolutely adore and that’s due to Glen and Ella listening to what we wanted and improving on it.
— TA, Brighton
We have enjoyed every step of the journey with Chamberlain Architects. In no time at all Glen presented us with a fantastic solution for our challenging layout. It was considered, exciting and capitalised on the space we have. Glen brings a great energy to every appointment and we are very excited about moving forward with our project and realising a creative, functional and inviting family home.
— Belinda, North Fitzroy


We understand starting a project can be a little daunting. Where to start - and when to speak to an architect? Whether you just have a loose collection of ideas or a clearly articulated brief, we are happy to help you at any stage of your project.

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